Our Products and Services

Voix Networks Limited is currently engaged in the provision of fixed wire based broadband voice, data, and video services such as land line telephone, high bandwidth internet connectivity, Point of Sale (POS) terminals connectivity, Leased circuit connections, IPTV/cable TV connection, CCTV connections.

To enable a smooth delivery of these services, Voix Networks have installed standard infrastructure around Abuja city. These have been terminated into prospective subscriber premises such as major hotels, shopping malls, plazas, markets, embassies, gated communities/estates, government offices, schools, religious organizations, business offices, individual homes etc.

In 2007, Voix Networks successfully applied for three licenses from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). These licenses consisted of a Private Network License (PNL), an Internet Service Provider license (ISP) and an International Data Access (IDA) granted under the unified access license scheme. These licenses are valid until 2016. The PNL allows the holder an unlimited number of fixed lines and subscribers within a specified geographical area. In the case of Voix’s Networks license, this relates to Abuja and six neighboring states.

As of the end of June 2012, 1000 square kilometers of fiber optic cable had been laid around central Abuja and this first-stage network is live. Voix Networks has recently completed the installation and commissioning a Central Office facility at its property located at Kolda street and has installed a Nortel DMS500 switch with a line capacity of 500,000 as well as a Nortel DMS-GSP switch to handle carrier services. This is with a view to providing both line and carrier services to customers along all its fiber route within Abuja city. A TDMOIP (protocol) VOIP hub in Ohio managed by Voix US based partners (Carrier Services Group) originates all international calls from the US to the Voix Networks platform.


Our Mission

Voix Networks Limited was established to provide services within the regulatory frame work under the Nigerian Communication Commission. The company also provides customized and general services.