Success Stories

Keys to Success

The keys to success for VOIX Networks Limited are:

  • Marketing and Networking - getting the name out there.
  • Responsiveness - being an on-call computer paramedic with fast response time.
  • Quality - getting the job done right the first time, offering 100% guarantee.
  • Relationships - developing loyal repeat customers.
  • Unique and Distinctive Core Competences

    Truly international. We have specialists in more than 35 countries in five continents.

    Powerful synergy between strategy and expertise. Support corporations and government in new ventures, engineering management, corporate vision, alliance and resource optimization.

    Exclusive comprehensive databases covering key strength (with forecast) or the macro-economic development telecommunication information technology on: supply demand (including final demand), productivity ratios, cost and price ratios, technological changes, inter-modal competition… used as reference by decision makers.

    Specialized knowledge of development and the foreseeable evolution of new ideas like Virtual Private Networks, Circuit miniaturization artificial intelligence and other though an international network of research centres.

    High-quality team: graduate level of program leaders and rigorous methods inherited from our engineering and scientific heritage.

    A culture of cooperation with partners worldwide

    The capacity to deliver training programs for decision makers in governments and corporations

    Complete independence – as a private limited liability company, we are not related to any government and operate solely in the areas of Consulting, research, training integration and installation of life cycle engineering methodologies.

    This independence gives the company the complete latitude in its analysis and operations.

    A Network of Contacts with Key Players

    VOIX Networks Limited has relationships of trust with most of the public-sector organizations industrial corporations, and serves companies as well as bilateral and multilateral development agencies.

    This experience gives a solid foundation for preparing assessments, integration and installations and conducting consulting assignments anywhere in the world.

    We can provide based on this, quick, efficient and real-time services drawing on our cooperation with manufacturers and other key bodies. Moreover, we are extending access to an international network of industrial academic and consulting partners whose expertise is complementary to that of own staff. We can thus form highly specialized adhoc teams to executive complex studies and engineering assignments.

    High-Quality Teams and Methods

    At VOIX Networks Limited key team members have graduate level education and at least 10 years of experience – consultants, programmers and engineers with vast experience in different sectors of project spectrum.

    Thanks to our international network and familiarity with information sources we base our task on reliable information gathered through direct contact we can create the relevant database for clients as well as organizing and applying quantitative and qualitative information using assessment tools choosing specifically to meet the needs of a given assignments.

    The company’s rigorous approach derives from its R & D engineering methods – most of the staff has research and engineering backgrounds. That makes us the choice to conduct studies, surveys, independent assessments, mediation and integration in any complex project.

    Project Competence and Experience

    VOIX Networks Limited is a company that is built on a solid foundation. Although small, it employs a lot of expertise both home and abroad and has carried out a lot of businesses in various ICT fields.

    In approximately ten years of operations, VOIX Networks Limited can attest to its credibility, having demonstrated its competence in the following completed and on-going projects:

    Our Mission

    Voix Networks Limited was established to provide services within the regulatory frame work under the Nigerian Communication Commission. The company also provides customized and general services.