About Us

VOIX Networks Limited is a Nigerian Communications Commission licensed Private Network Link; Fixed Telephony Operator and Broadband Internet Services provider operating within F.C.T Abuja and its neighbouring states at the moment but continuously working on future expansion of the reach and scope of the business.

To actualize the potentials offered by these licenses, VOIX NETWORKS LTD successfully installed and commissioned a 500,000 subscriber line capacity exchange with up to 6,300 licensed mix of electrical/STM1/OC-3 optical carrier E1s and T1s for PSTN/PABX carrier Services on variants of SS7, PRI-ISDN, CAS, R2, etc protocol configurations. Our Broadband Internet Services data network elements are set up to accommodate data rates up to terabits/sec deploying a combination of state of the art Network Management Systems integrated with powerful features as User Authentication and bandwidth management defining policies based on user, user group, application and schedules, web categories and protocols, MULTI WAN MANAGEMENT with no restriction on number of ISP lines, Gateway Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam, Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDP), support Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients, CONTENT FILTERING with more than 48 million URLs, categorized in 82+ categories and can block all kind of websites, IMs and P2P applications, and a host of other features.

Incorporated in August 2001, the VOIX Networks Limited started with providing VoIP services over fibre optic, microwave radio, and VSAT access network as its core business operating International Pre-paid calling Card, International Voice termination, VoIP voice traffic Backhaul Services. VOIX Networks Limited ran above services via an IP network which limits its activities as a Value added provider in the Information & Communication industry. In a competitive market based on dramatic growth, the company realized the direction the industry was heading towards infrastructure build as a powerful recipe for a productive, effective, and stabilized business structures thus leading to the upgrades in licenses and business focus.

VOIX Networks Limited embarked on aggressive ELP deployments comprising fiber optic, microwave radio wireless, and extensive copper cables to extend our fixed telephony and broad band Internet services to our clients. So, far our fiber network have been installed to cover most of the major areas within the Abuja central area, Maitama, Wuse 1, Wuse 2, Gariki 1, Gariki 2, Asokoro and some selected high populated, revenue yielding areas at Jabi, Utako, and Gudu districts. At the moment our energy is geared towards establishing copper networks around these fiber terminal ends to deliver our services that will be back hauled to the central office over the deployed fiber access network. With these deployments we are well placed to deliver quality product and services over the metropolitan access links to our clients as well as retail services to other ISPs in partnership.

Statistics present at the moment, that we have successfully deployed approximately 850km of both fiber and copper cables around the city.


To provide and deliver directly to our customers, the highest quality of fixed telephony and triple play broadband internet services on the same package over a combination of underground laid fibre optic and copper infrastructures thus ensuring that what is delivered to every business or household is always in the affirmative of what is expected.


Real problems need to be solved by real solutions. We at Voix Networks Limited can see a nearest future where products and services will be required NOT just because other people are interested, but because it solves a unique problem of need. Therefore, we do not only focus on production and delivering of services, we also focus on the reliability, security, and quality of how it is being delivered, because it is our vision that operating with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment, and the community, we will provide the best possible, cost effective telecommunications services by consistently satisfying the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

This vision is anchored on three strategic assets:

Our people – this is the pivot of our strength. Our specialists are drawn from wide range of backgrounds.

This quality we seek in people are creativity and independence to take “digital risks” – people with a versatile intellectual bandwidth, multitasking and with exceptional proficiency at both serial and parallel processing.

Our Customers – We do not see them differently, we exist for ourselves, so we exist for them, and will continually strengthen our capabilities to respond to their needs on a “real time” basis because we believe their being with us is for real.

Technology – one of the paradoxes of the digital revolution is the rapidity of advancements, thanks to Moore’s law. We know that we can only stay abreast through “technology vigilance” and quality service delivery, so we watch closely new developments and the foreseeable evolution of new ideas through our people, a network of international experts and a culture of affiliation; we also choose our technology.

Our Capabilities - In-depth involvement at each step of a project value – chain, we are involved from project conceptualization to development and commissioning. We conceive it, we prepare the ways, we deliver it.

Our Mission

Voix Networks Limited was established to provide services within the regulatory frame work under the Nigerian Communication Commission. The company also provides customized and general services.