Call Termination

In addition to operators charging for originating calls, operators charge for the termination of all calls locally and internationally. A call originating from Voix Networks platform and terminating locally through a wireless operator will attract a termination charge of 5 cents. Domestic termination charges are significantly higher than international call termination charges. For example, calls originated via the Voix Networks platform and terminating internationally attract a charge of less than 1.5c. Calls originated internationally and terminated by Voix Networks locally attract an 8c per minute termination charge.

The opportunity for call termination revenue is two-fold. Firstly, by being able to terminate both inbound international and domestic calls at lower rates than the wireless operators, gives Voix Networks a significant competitive advantage and should be a driver of ‘switch over’ customers. Secondly, through Voix Networks’ partner CSG in the USA, the company has the capacity to originate and terminate internationals calls, allowing Voix Networks to earn at both ends of the transaction for both inbound and outbound international calls.

Our Mission

Voix Networks Limited was established to provide services within the regulatory frame work under the Nigerian Communication Commission. The company also provides customized and general services.